Widoseek is the leader of the bandit-group "Coppamijin". He likes to show off, by telling anyone, who would listen, about his 250 girlfriends.


Widoseek likes to believe he´s a womanizer, but actully he´s more frightening girls out, than attract them. He´s a good leader, but even his friends sometimes think of him as some kind of "Softie". Still Widoseek appears to be very self-confident, even if this, as Kyoko knows is only to hide, the fact that he has a terrible illness, which will make him die early.


Widoseek is the brother of Sarai, so he belongs to the snake clan. He might also been the real next leader of it, but he decided to leave, when he found out the thruth about his illness. He only told his secret to Ginga, who wanted to come with him, after he had understood.

There are always some signs of Ginga and Widoseek not only beeing friends... at least Ginga must feel something for Widoseek. The group-leader had enough girlfriends or pretended to, to show which gender he preferd. Through the whole story Widoseek shows interest to Kyoko, but she doesn´t care about him much. Later they become some kind of friends.

Known or pretended girlfriends of WidoseekEdit

Karen (Should become his 286. one, but was rescued by Kyoko)

Kyoko (Should also become the 286, but could defend herself often enough)

Yami (In Widoseek´s opinion she was the 160, but Yami refused him soon)