Arina Tanemura (種村 有菜 (たねむら ありな) Tanemura Arina, born March 12, 1978 in Ichinomiya, Japan) is a shojo manga artist. She is best known as the creator of Phantom Thief Jeanne, Full Moon o Sagashite, and The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross.[1] Tanemura debuted in 1996 with the short story, "The Style of the Second Love".

Tanemura was an exclusive artist for Ribon until 2011. Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura was her last series published in the magazine.[2] She became a freelancer and launched Fudanjuku Monogatari in Margaret the same year.[3] Tanemura ended her ninth series, Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi, also in Margaret, on November 20, 2015.[4]

Tanemura is currently penning Idol Dreams, which began in 2013.[5] In 2015, she drew the character designs for the game, Idolish 7.[6] Tanemura has since illustrated several manga for the franchise, including Trigger - Before the Radiant Glory and Idolish 7: Ryusei ni Inoru.[7]


Early and personal lifeEdit

Tanemura was born on March 12, 1978[8] in Ichinomiya in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. She has one older sister, one younger, and one brother. Tanemura also has two cats named Riku and Kai.[9]


1996 – 2001Edit


Cover of Phantom Thief Jeanne volume 1

Tanemura debuted in 1996 with the one-shot, "The Style of the Second Love" in Ribon Original.[10] Tanemura's next one-shot, "Rainy Afternoons Are for Romantic Heroines", was published that October, followed by "Short-Tempered Melancholic" in 1997, which was her first work in Ribon.[11] All three stories, including "This Love is Non-Fiction", were collected into a short story collection, titled Short-Tempered Melancholic.[12] In 1997, Tanemura began her first series, I.O.N, in Ribon. I.O.N was originally planned for three chapters, but it was eventually increased to six.[13] It was collected into a single volume in December 1997.[14]

In February 1998, she began her second manga, Phantom Thief Jeanne with a fifty-page debut.[15] The series was adapted into a forty-four episode anime airing from 1999 to 2000.[16] The manga concluded with seven volumes in August 2000.[17] Tanemura's Time Stranger Kyoko started in September 2000. The series ended the following September with three volumes.[18] Tanemura published a one-shot, "Gin-yu Meika", in Ribon's November 2001 issue.[19]

2002 – 2012Edit


Cover of Mistress Fortune

Tanemura launched Full Moon o Sagashite in January 2002. It was adapted into an anime, which began airing in 2002.[20] Full Moon concluded the series in June 2004 at seven volumes.[21] Tanemura began serializing The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross the following September.[22] In 2007, she published two one-shots, "Shojo Eve: Eve's Applework 24 Hours" and "The Globe of the Sea: Nocturne".[23] Tanemura ended The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross and began Mistress Fortune in Ribon's July 2008 issue.[1] Mistress Fortune concluded at three chapters in the September issue.[24]

In November 2008, Tanemura began a new series, titled Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura.[25] She ended her exclusivity contract with Ribon in the spring of 2011, though Tanemura did not announce it until the following November.[2] In July 2011, she started Fudanjuku Monogatari, which was serialized for seven chapters in Margaret.[26] Sakura Hime ended at twelve volumes[27] in late 2012.[28]

2013 – presentEdit


Cover of Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi volume 1

She began Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi in the fifth issue of Margaret in February 2013.[28] Tanemura premiered Idol Dreams in Hakusensha's Melody the following April.[5] In July 2015, she drew the character designs for Idolish 7, a "big media-mix project" that began as a smartphone game.[6] Tanemura collaborated with Yui Kikuta, a former assistant, for a new manga, Shunkan Lyle, in Monthly Comic Zero-Sum.[29] Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi concluded with eleven volumes in November 2015.[4]

In February 2016, Tanemura started a three-chapter series, Idolish 7: Trigger - Before the Radiant Glory based on Bunta Tsushimi's novel.[30] She launched Akuma ni Chic×Hack in Margaret's late March issue,[31] before ending that October.[32] Tanemura has also published several other Idolish 7 stories, including Mezzo - Murasaki Ao no Hekireki,[33] Ryusei ni Inoru,[34] Cooler and Pants, and "Good Morning, Laughter!". The stories were subsequently published together in two volumes.[35] She began a new Idolish 7 manga, titled Re:member in the January 2018 issue of LaLa DX.[36]

She and Kikuta ended Shunkan Lyle in April 2018 at four volumes.[37]

Published worksEdit




The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross







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