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Arina Tanemura Wiki is an collection of pages featuring the manga artist, Arina Tanemura, her published works, and the many characters that appear is said works. Tanemura has released over twelve series and several short stories as well as four art books. She debuted in 1996 in the manga magazine, Margaret.

The wiki was founded by user, RoyKarrde on October 3, 2009. A few days later, it is believed that she (or he) appointed users, Access Time and Chiibi as admins. For whatever reason, all three admins became inactive and the wiki was abandoned. Eventually user, ~SoFarGone adopted the wiki on November 13, 2012. ~SoFarGone promoted their main account, Samanthafan09 to bureaucrat later the same day. Samanthafan09 has tried to edit the wiki semi-regularly ever since.

Anyone is welcome to help make this a great source for information on Arina Tanemura and her manga.

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