Fudanjuku Monogatari
Series information
Author Arina Tanemura
Publishers Shueisha
Magazines Margaret
Original run July 20 – November 5, 2011
Volumes 1
Chapters 7 (List of chapters)

Fudanjuku Monogatari (風男塾物語 (ふだんじゅくものがたり) ) is a manga written and illustrated by Arina Tanemura. The series debuted in the sixteenth issue of Margaret in July 2011,[1] concluding the series at seven chapters the following November.[2] In February 2012, the manga was collected into one volumes and published by Shueisha.[3]

The manga chronicles the lives of the seven members of the Fudanjuku Club. The first chapter features Kojiro Akazono, while the others each focus on a different member. Tanemura modeled the characters after the male alter-egos of the idol group, Nakano Fujo Sisters. [1]



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Tanemura presenting the series at a press conference.

Main article: List of Fudanjuku Monogatari chapters

Margaret announced in their eleventh issue of 2011 that Arina Tanemura would launch her series Fudanjuku Monogatari in their sixteenth issue in July.[4] On June 16, 2011, Tanemura held a press conference with the members of the idol group Nakano Fujo Sisters. The group inspired her to write a manga featuring their male alter-egos, after she saw them in concert.[1][5] Fudanjuku Monogatari was Tanemura's first manga published outside of Ribon and also her first work as a freelancer.[6]

Tanemura's Fudanjuku Monogatari was serialized from July[1] to November 2011 in Margaret, ending at seven chapters.[7] Shueisha published the manga in one volume on February 15, 2012.[8] In September 2012, Tanemura briefly returned to the series with a twelve-page special "Jitsuroku! Fudanjuku Monogatari" (実録!風男塾物語 () ).[9][10]


Fudanjuku Monogatari was adapted into a four episode "vomic" (comic with voices) that was released online from February to March 2012. The members of Nakano Fujo Sisters voiced their counterparts.[11][12]


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