Full Moon o Sagashite (満月をさがして Furu Mūn o Sagashite, lit. "Searching for the Full Moon") is a shōjo manga series by Arina Tanemura. It was serialized in Ribon from January 2002 to June 2004, and published by Shueisha into seven volumes in Japan. Viz Media published the manga in North America.

A fifty-two episode anime adaptation aired from April 06, 2002 to March 29, 2003. In 2002, a ten-minute OVA was released in the November 2002 issue of Ribon. Arina Tanemura also released an artbook dedicated to it in 2004


12-year-old orphan Mitsuki Koyama dreams of becoming a singer, but she is afflicted with sarcoma, which is curable only through a surgery that could ruin her vocal cords. The tumor in her throat already affects her ability to breathe well and sing loudly. Her grandmother also hates music and is completely opposed to Mitsuki's wish to audition to become a singer. Mitsuki’s dreams seem impossible to achieve, until one day she is visited by two shinigami, whom only she can see. The shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, inadvertently tip Mitsuki off that she has only one year left to live.

Mitsuki realizes she cannot wait any longer to fulfill her dream, so she runs away from home to audition for a singing competition. However, the shinigami stop her before she is able to audition. She moves Takuto to agree to a compromise: If Mitsuki promises to go quietly when her year is up, he would help her become a singer, so she could leave the world with no regrets. Takuto gives her the ability to transform into a completely healthy 16-year-old, so that she could meet the age requirements of the audition, and sing without hindrance. Despite heavy competition, Mitsuki wins over the judges with her excellent voice and her enthusiasm for singing, sealing a contract with Seed Records. To conceal her true identity, she chooses the stage name "Full Moon".

Mitsuki had decided to become a singer two years before, when she was 10 years old. She had made a promise with Eichi Sakurai, a 16-year-old boy she met at her orphanage, that the next time they met, they would both be closer to their dreams. Eichi wanted to become an astronomer and Mitsuki wanted to become a singer. Shortly after, Eichi was adopted and emigrated to America before Mitsuki could express her feelings for him. Mitsuki hopes that by becoming a famous idol, Eichi would be able to hear her sing and realize her feelings for him.


  • Mitsuki Koyama - A 12 year old girl who wishes to become a singer, but can't because of a malignant cancer tumor, sarcoma, in her throat. When Takuto Kira (see below) lends Mitsuki his power, she becomes her alter-ego Full Moon (see below). She is deeply in love with Eichi Sakurai (see below) and her dream to become a singer is inspired by their promise. Mitsuki can see Shinigami because of Eichi (see below).
  • Full Moon - Mitsuki's alter-ego. When Takuto uses his powers, Mitsuki turns 16 and has no cancer. She is a pop star when she is 16, hence the stage name "Full Moon". Some of her songs include "Ange" and 
  • Takuto Kira - A Shinigami in the duo "Negi Ramen" along with his partner, Meroko Yui (see below). He was assigned to monitor Mitsuki Koyama (see above) for a year until her death to stop the person who was supposed to interfere with it. However, he turns out to fall in love with Mitsuki and proves to be the one who prevents her death. He has a cat hat and tail and can change into what looks like a stuffed cat.
  • Meroko Yui - A Shinigami in the duo "Negi Ramen" along with her partner, Takuto Kira (see above). She was assigned to monitor Mistuki Koyama (see above) for a year until her death to stop the person who was supposed to interfere with it. She is head over heels for Takuto and doesn't like Mitsuki in the beginning, fearing that Takuto will fall in love with her. Later we find out that she became Takuto's partner because her old partner and lover, Izumi Lio (see below), tricked her. At the end of the series, when Takuto becomes human again and goes out with Mitsuki, Meroko and Izumi become a couple again.
  • Izumi Lio - A Shinigami who is in a duo with Jonathan (see below).
  • Jonathan - A Shinigami who is in a duo with Izumi Lio (see above). It is later revealed in the manga that Jonathan is actually the Shinigami's boss in disguise.
  • Aoi Koga
  • Fuzuki Koyama - Mitsuki Koyama (see above)'s grandmother. She hates music because so many loved ones have been taken from her because of it. She is against Mitsuki becoming a singer in the beginning and was known to punish her for humming. She eventually starts to like music again later in the series.
  • Masami Ooshige - Full Moon's manager. She loves to drink, and is in love with Keiichi Wakaouji (see below). She used to be a singer herself. 
  • Eichi Sakurai - Mitsuki Koyama (see above)'s lover. He became Mitsuki's first friend at their orphanage during childhood. They made a promise that one day he would be an astronomer and she would be a singer. He moved to America before Mitsuki could confess her love to him. Mitsuki's yellow pendant is a gift from him. However, Eichi died in a plane crash on the way to America but was later found out to be with her after his death, which is why Mitsuki could see Shinigami (they can only be seen through a human soul).
  • Souichiro Shidou
  • Madoka Wakamatsu - Full Moon's rival. She has a pet pig named Gut-chan (see below). 
  • Gut-chan - Madoka Wakamatsu (see above)'s pet pig. Madoka once remarked that she got him only for a way for publicity, but throughout the series she can be seen crying while holding him. He loves Madoka no matter what she says to him.
  • Keiichi Wakaouji - A former member of Route:L, a band that Mitsuki's father, Aoi Koga, and Takuto were in. He became a doctor after the band was disbanded. He eventually gets back into music and works with Full Moon.



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