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Viz Media (North America) |magazines = Ribon |originalrun = January 2002 - June 2004 |Seasons = 2 |episodes = 52

Full Moon o Sagashite (満月をさがして Furu Mūn o Sagashite, lit. "Searching for the Full Moon") is a shōjo anime series by Arina Tanemura. It premiered in Japan in


Synopsis Edit

12-year-old Mitsuki Koyama dreams of becoming a singer, but she is afflicted with sarcoma, which is curable only through a surgery that could permantly damage her vocal cords. The tumor in her throat already affects her ability to breathe well and sing loudly. Her grandmother hates music and as a result, is completely opposed to Mitsuki's wish to audition to become a singer. Mitsuki’s dreams seem impossible to achieve, until one day she is visited by two shinigami, whom only she can see. The shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, inadvertently tip Mitsuki off that she has only one year left to live.