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Haine Otomiya
Character information
Name in Japanese 乙宮 灰音
Romaji translation Otomiya Haine
Nicknames Haine Kamiya
Hama Cinderella (浜のシンデレラ)
Gender Female
Age 15[1]
Born January 21[1]
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Light brown
Occupations Student
Errand girl
Family Itsuki Otomiya (father)
Ryokka Otomiya (step-mother)
Kusame Otomiya (step-brother)
Kazuhito Kamiya (step-father)
Maika Kamiya (mother)
Komaki Kamiya (half-sister)
Tachibana Kamiya (half-brother)
Education Imperial Academy
Rank Platinum
Bronze (formerly)
Affiliations Student Council
Otomiya family
Kamiya family

Haine Otomiya (乙宮 灰音 (おとみや はいね) Otomiya Haine), born as Haine Kamiya, is the adopted daughter of the Otomiya family. She was also known as Hama Cinderella (浜のシンデレラ () ) during her yanki days in middle school.

Haine lived with the Kamiya family, until she was ten-years-old. Kazuhito Kamiya gave her away to Itsuki Otomiya for the low-price of fifty-million-yen, which Haine is insecure about.


Early lifeEdit

Haine was born on January 21, the daughter of Maika Kamiya and Itsuki Otomiya.[citation needed] Maika's husband, Kazuhito Kamiya raised Haine to be the head of the Kamiya family, placing a lot of pressure on her. Haine had some relief from the pressure after Kazuhito gave her a storybook, The Unforgettable Song of the Witch by Shizumasa Togu. She fell in love with the story and was able to meet Shizumasa at a party, where she declared her love to him.[2]

At the age of ten, Kazuhito asked Itsuki to adopt Haine in exchange for fifty-million yen.[3][4] Shortly after arriving at Itsuki's house, Haine received a letter from her mother, promising that she would come for Haine. Haine clung on to that hope, but her mother never arrived. Itsuki married Ryokka sometime later and moved in, bringing her son Kusame with her.[2]

Middle schoolEdit

Haine liked her new family, but felt "a stranger" to them. In middle school, she began wandering the streets at night, becoming a juvenile delinquent (or yanki).[2] She gained a tough reputation at Sakuragicho as the "Hama Cinderella".[1]

High schoolEdit

Haine enrolled in Imperial Academy High School to get closer to Shizumasa Togu, who was impersonated by Takanari Togu at the time. She started off as a Bronze and also worked as an errand girl for the school.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit

She has light brown hair and eyes, though sometimes her hair appears to be blonde. Haine often puts her hair up with her school tie.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Haine is a very unlikely heroine for my manga. She messes up her one-liners, she makes mistakes when using kanji—basically she's rather stupid. (But my fans kindly tell me that is what's good about her...)"
Arina Tanemura in chapter one's sidebar.[src]

Haine, though not entirely stupid, has shown not to be particularly gifted intelligence-wise as said by her creator.



Behind the scenesEdit

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