"My name is Haine Otomiya. ☆ I'm a cheerful 15-year-old!!"
Haine introduces herself.

"I'm Not Afraid of the Emperor! ☆" (皇帝上等☆ () Kōtei Jōtō ☆) is the first chapter of The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross. This chapter serves as an introduction to the main character, Haine Otomiya, setting, and several supporting characters.

It was adapted into a drama CD by Shueisha in 2004. The audio drama features the voices of Houko Kuwashima as Haine and Junichi Suwabe as Shizumasa Togu.



Shizumasa Togu, The Emperor

"It's like the difference between first-class, business-class, and economy-class on an airplane."
—Haine explains the school's ranks.

Haine introduces herself and her family to the reader. After breakfast, she walks to school with her step-brother, Kusame Otomiya. Before school begins, Haine works her shift as the school's "errand girl". Her friends, Riko and Tsukasa greet her, before Ushio Amamiya, Haine's best friend, scares them off. Haine then explains how her school, Imperial Academy works, including the ranks, uniforms, and the school's student president, better known as the "Emperor".

Haine is a Bronze, the worst rank, but has fallen for Shizumasa Togu, the school's Emperor and only Gold rank. At the school assembly, Ushio advises Haine against staying in love with Shizumasa. Haine thinks back to the two encounters that caused her infatuation. First when she was a little girl after reading the picture book Shizumasa had written, and later meeting him when she was a delinquent middle school student. In the middle of her musings, the Heretics start throwing fake snakes into the crowd. Shizumasa leaves the stage away from the mess, causing Haine to go into a rage at the Heretics.

The next day an article is released revealing Haine's past, causing most of the school to avoid her, including Riko and Tsukasa. Out of nowhere an animal falls on Haine's head. The owner introduces herself as Maora, the Student Council's treasurer. Maora tells Haine the Emperor has been kidnapped and asks her to find him. Haine goes to the Postman to ask about the identity of the kidnapper. He flatly refuses but tells her that Shizumasa is at Waltz-Hagen, aka the hanging garden of Imperial Academy.

She sneaks into the garden and finds him. However, he runs away, telling her that there was no kidnapper. Shizumasa actually just wanted to be alone for a bit, and Haine slowly begins to understand his feelings. Haine continues to contemplate his feelings and develops a crazy idea, passionately yelling "You should fall in love with me!!". Before Shizumasa can answer, some students come by and assume that Haine kidnapped him. He covers for her and lies by telling them that she had beaten the kidnappers. Maora and [[Maguri Tsujimiya|Maguri arrive, and Maora announces that she has appointed Haine as Shizumasa's bodyguard. Maguri protests the appointment as does Shizumasa, however the school's doctor, Senri Narimiya approves it.

At home, Haine chats about her new position to Ushio on the phone. Ushio appears to be a bit depressed about Haine's appointment on the Student Council. The following day, Haine is running late for school when she spots Shizumasa talking to Maguri. Just as Haine decides to trip in front of them, Maguri pulls Shizumasa towards him and starts to kiss him. Haine falls for real, realizing that the rumor's about Shizumasa having a lover are true.

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Arina Tanemura writes two columns for the first chapter in the volume edition of the manga. She begins with telling her reader's that this is her twentieth manga, meaning volume total. Tanemura goes on to say she enjoyed the creation of this story, and intends for the columns to be used for character profiles. Arina also mentions her two American Shorthair cats.

Haine is the first of the character profiles. Her birthday is listed as January 21, and her blood type is O. Some of her past is touched upon, including the picture book and her adoption. The author comments that Haine is an unusual character for her style, but feels that she can draw Haine in a relaxed mood.

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