LaLa DX (ララ デラックス () ) is a shojo manga magazine released by Hakusensha. The magazine was first published in 1983 as a supplement magazine to LaLa. LaLa DX is released bi-monthly on the tenth day of the month.

Arina Tanemura's Idolish 7 TRIGGER -before The Radiant Glory- was published in LaLa DX from February[1] to June 2016.[2] Another Idolish 7 spin-off, titled Idolish 7: MEZZO - Murasaki Ao no Hekireki by Tanemura[3] ran in the magazine until December 2016.[4] A third series, Idolish 7: Ryusei ni Inoru, debuted in February 2017.[5]



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