Madoka Wakamatsu (若松 円 Wakamatsu Madoka) is the stage name of Chisato Kurebayashi. She´s the rival of Fullmoon, but a friend of the 12-year old Mitsuki. She´s talented, but jealous on the way Fullmoon gives her heart to her songs.



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At first Madoka seems to be very sure of herself, but as many characters of Arina Tanemura, she´s easy to hurt inside, alltough she already has a sheel arround here. In the manga, Madoka is shown as having pride as well as ambition: she refuses to cheat to win over Fullmoon, even once resigning a commercial offer to Fullmoon when she realizes that Fullmoon would have won if Madoka hadn't inadvertently stolen her lyrics. In the anime, Madoka is not above using underhanded tactics to best Fullmoon and does so several times.


When Madoka became a singer, she had a lot of plastic surgery done on herself. Because of that, her family disowned her and


the only family she has left is a little pig, called Gu-chan, who worships her, allthough she sometimes takes her anger on him, she is genuinely fond of him. Madoka is the rival of Fullmoon, there was even a competion, where they both presented songs. Madoka stole the lyrics from Fullmoon to winn, but she couldn´t stand it and stopped singing, while the compation. She has her own proudness, because she didn´t want to cheat, just to win against Fullmoon, still she´s jealious, because the way Fullmoon sings is very special.

Comment by ArinaEdit

There are a few Madoka-fans. Don´t be mean to Madoka-chan... some fan got mad at me. Sorry, but that´s the type of character she is.