Meroko Yui (めろこ・ユイ) is in the shinigami team "Negi-Ramen", she has a crush on her partner Takuto, but actually she loves her old team mate Izumi Rio. She helps Takuto making Mitsuki´s dream come true.





Comment by ArinaEdit

For some reason she has a lot of fans. I´m surprised. They seem to like her onw-way feelings (too on-way) for Takuto. I don´t really have a bunny-ear-girl fetish, but... Drawing Meroko made me think this was ok. At first she was total bunny-girl... (Then why did I add them?) For this series I wanted all characters to be recognizable while in silhouette. I guess I wanted them to be like toys. And she changes into an animal with Takuto, so there a valid reason (You´ll see it in the story) But at first, (Can I say this?) before I created the rough draft for chapter I. I was asked to draw some characters for a study set. It´s cuter to have a mascot be other than human, right? So created some while doing that. I could have just kept them for it, but when working for Ribon, I figured the reader would enjoy seeing them. But too cut is bad, so I made them a little lame, or with an attitude. Now they´ve become stuffed animals, etc.

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