Meroko Yui (めろこ・ユイ) is in the shinigami team "Negi-Ramen", she has a crush on her partner Takuto, but actually she loves her old team mate Izumi Rio. She helps Takuto making Mitsuki´s dream come true.


Meroko Yui is a very strong girl. She believes in true love for everyone. Especially Takuto. She was very suspicious about Takuto and Mitsuki as Takuto was standing up for her alot. She has blossom pink hair and magenta blooming eyes. She wears a frilly top and skirt as well with a big hat with bunny ears on the side.



Comment by ArinaEdit

For some reason she has a lot of fans. I´m surprised. They seem to like her onw-way feelings (too on-way) for Takuto. I don´t really have a bunny-ear-girl fetish, but... Drawing Meroko made me think this was ok. At first she was total bunny-girl... (Then why did I add them?) For this series I wanted all characters to be recognizable while in silhouette. I guess I wanted them to be like toys. And she changes into an animal with Takuto, so there a valid reason (You´ll see it in the story) But at first, (Can I say this?) before I created the rough draft for chapter I. I was asked to draw some characters for a study set. It´s cuter to have a mascot be other than human, right? So created some while doing that. I could have just kept them for it, but when working for Ribon, I figured the reader would enjoy seeing them. But too cut is bad, so I made them a little lame, or with an attitude. Now they´ve become stuffed animals, etc.