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Mitsuki Kouyama (神山 満月 Kouyama Mitsuki) is the main character of the manga Fullmoon wo sagashite. She is 12 - 13 years old.


Mitsuki is a young girl, whose dream is to become a singer. However, she has sarcoma, a kind of throat cancer. Her wish is to be a famous singer so her first love, Eichi, will be able to find her. When the Shinigami, Takuto and Meroko come and tell her she has only one year left to live, she takes action. Takuto transforms her into a 16 year old girl, using the stage name "Fullmoon". Later on, she falls in love with Takuto.

Comment by Arina TanemuraEdit

Her hair is like that one of that band "Morning Musume", Mari. (I usually don´t use a model or motif when comming up with a character, though) The character model was one of my assistans, Airi. She´s 19, but looks like a grade-schooler. I took (without asking...) the name from a radio show by Kamiyama sensei called "Club DB." (I´m sorry, Kamiyama sensei!)

Mitsuki´s personalitiy is frankly 160 degrees (20 off) diffrent from mine, so it´s hard to become her and write. If I can´t become the character, it´s hard for me to come up with the dialouge (I play out the rough drafts in my head...). So I try to listen to music and let that inspire me.

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