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Mrs. Hiromi is the mother of Miyasaki, her husband got possesed once and was rescued by Jeanne.


She is a very caring mother, she does notice the changes with her husband and her daughter, but she can't do anything against Mr. Hiromi, when he gets angry at his own daughter.


Mrs. Hiromi has been housewife nearly all her life, it was always her husband, who worked: He was inventing toys and liked to make some for his daughter, but when he bought a new picture, he got possesed, what Mrs. Hiromi didn't know, of course. She thought, just like her daugter, that he was just overworked. But she still was appalled, when Mr. Hiromi hit Miyasaki on the night Kaitou Jeanne attacked, allthough she was to frighten to do anyhting. She was as happy and relieved as her daghter, when her husband turend back to normal.