Pakkyaramao Igarashi (パッキャラマオ 五十嵐) is the teacher of Miyako and Maron, at school and at their rhythmic gymnastic leasons. She got possessed once, but was rescued and turned back to normal by Maron/Jeanne.


Pakkyaramao-sensei is a very strict teacher, she can't have anyone fooling arround in her lessons. But she's always very proud at her good students. Her way to get a dance or school class quiet is to blow through a float once very loud and mostly that works. She likes beatiful things like flowers and gardens


Pakkyaramao-sensei has been Maron and Miyako's teacher from the beginning and appears every time the rythmic gymnastic club does something.

Maron recognized her as demon, when she wanted to give her homework to her teacher and Pakkyaramo was distroying flowers in the school garden and Maron's holy cross peeped. It was pretty easy for Maron as Jeanne to defeat the demon, because Pakkymaramao wasn't really her most loved teacher and she was mostly uninhibited, not as she is, when the demon is somebody she knows good and likes much.

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