Ranks (ランク () ) at Imperial Academy play an important role in how the students are treated or their privileges. Bronze students are considered to be at the bottom of the heap, while Silvers are treated considerably better. Students are able to collect ten thousand points or donate money to the school in order to move up rank, the former is considered "practically impossible".[1]

However, no one has more power than the Emperor who shares his/her rank of Gold with no one. There is also a special rank called Platinum, reserved for the Emperor's significant other. It was created by Kazuhito Kamiya for his girlfriend Maika, who was a Bronze.


Bronze ( () ) students are allowed little to no privileges. They can only use the school cafeteria and wear the normal school uniform. Haine describes it as "a pretty miserable existence". Nonetheless, most Bronze students still come from wealthy families.[1]

Known Bronze students


Silver ( () ) students have several privileges not given to Bronzes. They can enter the hanging garden, eat in the fancy cafeteria, and choose their own shirt for the school uniform. Most Silvers come from millionaire families, either old money or former nobility. Upon entering Imperial Academy, a lot of students donate a large sum of money to become Silver, instead of earning points.[1]

Known Silver students


Only the Emperor can have the Gold ( () ) rank. The Gold student is allowed to have their own room and have absolute power.[1]

Known Gold students


The Platinum (プラチナ () ) rank is given only to the significant other of the Emperor. The rank was invented by Kazuhito Kamiya in order to raise his girlfriend Maika from Bronze.
Known Platinum students