Rin the Fire Stranger

Rin Homura (焔 燐 Homura Rin) rules over the fire clan. She is the "Fire Stranger".


Rin is always smiling about something. She´s pretty greedy.


Rin has been living in the fire clan, since she was born. She didn´t know that she was a "Stranger" and only found it out, because Kyoko called for all leaders of the clans, so she had all "Strangers" togehter. How her godness-stone accepted her is never told, because Arina Tanemura finished the TSK - Series earlier than planned.

As you know through a four-step comic at the end of the 3. book, Rin has a boyfriend named Shiva, like the hindu godness Shiva, who is responsilbe for destruction and recommencement.

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