Sakataki Jin (神 逆滝 Jin Sakataki) is a bodyguard of Kyoko. He´s the son of the dragon clan leader and the Crystal Stranger, so he stands at 7 o´clock on the magical clock. He was born on the 21st of July and his zodiac sign is a crab. His blood type is A.


He´s some kind of a hero. He´s always earnest and doesn´t make jokes. Kyoko´s selfish wishes get on his nerves, but he also admires her secretly because of her self-confidence and her smile. He doesn´t trust people very fast, especially when their name is Witzig (aka Akira) and they go to near to some princess... :)



Sakataki was the son of the head of the dragon clan. Hizuki was his adopted brother, who was never really accepted, except by Sakataki himself. When their father said that Sakataki should become next clan leader, Hizuki felt betrayed because he was

the older one
. So Hizuki distroyed the whole clan in his anger. Only Sakataki survived because when he called Hizuki "Brother!", the demon-kirit forgot his anger and hate and saved Sakataki, not knowing that Sakataki had seen very clear, who had murdered his clan.

They both were taken has survivers of the dragon clan to the palast of the earth-king. They both tried a lot of jobs in the castle, but they managed none, so the king decided to make them bodyguards, after they had saved the little princess Kyoko, when she trained jumping down cliffs.

Times as bodyguardEdit

When Kyoko went into school, Sakataki and Hizuki came with her. Hizuki was old enough to become teacher at her school and Sakataki became a classmate of Kyoko, so they could always protect her. They also stayed with her on her mission. Sakataki saved Kyoko many times, when a dragon attacked and when she was captured by Ralzone. Over the time both began to understand and like each other more.

Sakataki has always trusted Hizuki, after the attack on his clan and was surprised and upset, when
his "brother" was taken to prison because he kissed Kyoko. When Hizuki then became Kyoko´s fiancé, Sakataki thought all the signs that Kyoko had given him before, were meaningless and he tried to forget her.

It was more than a shock when Hizuki told him that he had kissed Kyoko on purpose, when she was half awake, so she would have to rescue him by marrying him. Then Sakataki had to fight against Hizuki, which he didn´t like, because he knew how much it hurt Kyoko. He was glad when she made them stop because he didn´t want to become a murderer.

Prince of the Dragon Clan & Fiancé of the Time GodnessEdit

After all "Strangers" are found , they try to wake up Ui. Sakataki, as everyone else, forgets Kyoko and serves Ui instead. One day he sits outside and has a strange dream of a crying girl, suddenly a picture falls out of his pocket. It´s one of Kyoko he always kept with himself, because he admired her. He remebers and tells it to the other "Strangers", so they help him to get to Kyoko and her father Chronos. There they find a good solution for all and Kyoko comes back. While on a walk together in the palace garden, Sakataki tells Kyoko that he loves her. He becomes her new fiancé.

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