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Short-Tempered Melancholic
Book information
Author Arina Tanemura
Illustrator Arina Tanemura
Publishers Shueisha (Japan)
Viz Media (North America)
Publication date May 1998[1] (Japan)
August 5, 2008[2] (Viz)
Pages 184
ISBN 9784088560809
Short-Tempered Melancholic (かんしゃく玉のゆううつ (かんしゃくだまのゆううつ) Kanshakudama no Yūutsu) is a short story collection by Arina Tanemura, including her debut "The Style of the Second Love".[3] In May 1998, Shueisha released the book in Japan.[1] Viz Media licensed the book for an English release in 2007.[4]

The collection also consists of Tanemura's "Short-Tempered Melancholic", "This Love Is Nonfiction", and "Rainy Afternoons Are for Romantic Heroines". The stories were originally published in various magazines throughout 1996 and 1997.[5]


"Short-Tempered Melancholic"Edit

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"This Love Is Nonfiction"Edit

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"Rainy Afternoons Are for Romantic Heroines"Edit

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"The Style of the Second Love"Edit

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STemperMelancholic 500

Viz Media release

The collection consists of three of Arina Tanemura's early one-shots, including her debut "The Style of the Second Love", which was originally published in Ribon Original in 1996. The other one-shots are the title story, "Short-Tempered Melancholic" (Ribon - 1996), "This Love Is Nonfiction" (Ribon Bikkuri Daizokan Gō - 1997), and "Rainy Afternoons Are for Romantic Heroines" (Ribon Original - 1996).[5] Tanemura also wrote a sequel to "Short-Tempered Melancholic" for the collection.[6]

In May 1998, Shueisha collected three of Tanemura's short stories and published the book as Short-Tempered Melancholic.[1] Viz Media licensed the collection for North America in 2007.[4] They published the book on August 5, 2008[7] as Short-Tempered Melancholic and Other Stories in their "Arina Tanemura Series".


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