A Stranger is a person with powers over an element or special aspect. Kyoko Suomi is the Time Stranger and can go back in time using her powers.[1] She was tasked with finding the eleven other strangers in order to wake her sister Ui.


The Stranger first needs their corresponding God Stone, which they have usually inherited. They then have to get the stone to accept them.[2] For this, they need to perform a noble act that causes the stone to glow. Time Stranger Kyoko Suomi uses her Time Scorpion Cane to break the seal on the stone, therefore turning the person into a "Stranger".[3] Stranger can also use attack moves, though they have to invent them by themselves. (for example: "Sakataki Crystal Sword").[4] The Strangers transfer energy to Ui Suomi by standing at their positions on the giant clock.[5]