The Arina Tanemura Collection: The Art of Full Moon (種村有菜collection―満月をさがしてイラスト集 () Tanemura Arina collection ― Furu Mūn o Sagashite Irasuto Shū) is an artbook by Arina Tanemura featuring color images from Full Moon o Sagashite. The artbook was published by Shueisha on April 15, 2004 in Japan and on October 21, 2008 by Viz Media for North America.

The collection also features illustrations from Time Stranger Kyoko, Phantom Thief Jeanne, "Gin-yu Meika", I.O.N, and Short-Tempered Melancholic. It is Tanemura's second art book and was followed by a third, The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross: Arina Tanemura Illustrations in 2008.


In the afterword, Arina Tanemura expresses a little disappointment with her previous artbook, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: Arina Tanemura Illustrations. She goes on to say that she began working harder on her illustrations so that her next collection would satisfy her.

Unlike her previous illustration collection, The Art of Full Moon contains art from several of Tanemura's series, including Phantom Thief Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko, and I.O.N. Art from her short stories, "Gin-yu Meika", "Short-Tempered Melancholic", and "This Love Is Nonfiction" are also included. Tanemura also incorporates comments about each image into the artbook.

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(Picture(s) only):
Full Moon o Sagashite"Gin-yu Meika"I.O.NPhantom Thief Jeanne

"Short-Tempered Melancholic"

"This Love Is Nonfiction"[3]

Time Stranger Kyoko


  • An illustration of Myco, voice of Mitsuki Koyama voice actress and lead singer of Changin' My Life, is also included. The image was previously released as a poster for Changin' My Life's self-titled album.
  • Tanemura also included a illustration featuring several characters from Dragon Ball. The drawing was first published in a leaflet for the Dragon Ball Collector's Edition in January 2004.[4]


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