Yami Rikoku (麗黒 夜深 Rikoku Yami) is head of the Neko Clan . She´s the "Dark Stranger" and the old owner of the swortd "Li Knight".


Yami grew up in neko clan, that´s why she has cat ears. She early trained using magic, but didn´t know that she was one of the twelve "Strangers" until Kyoko called her to the castle.

It´s not sure if she ever was the girlfriend of Widoseek, because she refuses to be so and he likes to show off with her. She actually prefers the "Snow Stranger" Setsuna, which she often cheers up.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yami is quiet and patient. She can be very nice, if she knows somebody really good.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The story that Arina Tanemura had originally intended as Yami's revelation as the Dark Stranger and becoming friends with Kyoko was reused as the Witch's story in The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross.